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Tania, owner of Timeless Creations is AMAZING!


   She creates visions you could only imagine! When you meet with Tania and show her the space you would like made over and tell her what you might envision . . . her mind starts Marinating!!

   Tania has taken our cookie cutter looking home room by room, and has customized it in a way that just makes your face light up, your jaw drop, and faintly, you get the word "WOW" out of your mouth because you are just stunned by the beauty that this wonderful woman has gifted you with!! My husband and I couldn't believe that these AMAZING CREATIONS are in our home!

   If you are not sure what you might be envisioning for your space, that's not a bad thing! After the first two fabulous projects Tania finished for us, we had no doubt that the next few projects would only have little input from us. We really wanted to take full advantage of Tania's creativity!

   Let Tania "WOW" you with the AMAZING TALENT she has been gifted with! A small amount of information from the client is all she needs to whip out a Gorgeous, One of a Kind, Timeless Creation, that you will love forever!!

You are soooooooo Fabulous Tania! Thank You So Much! :-)


- Bryan, Nina & Gabriella Cohen


Tania’s work is AMAZING and surpasses all expectations!

   We wanted to update our home and needed Tania’s expert advise and guidance. Her attention to detail has truly made our home a showplace. There is no limit to her imagination and skills! She advised to scaling back on our bedroom furniture and provided direction and artistry to bring our very outdated bedroom into a modern and timeless look. She transformed

our trey ceiling into a beautiful work of art and included finishing the fan to complete the look. She even refinished an outdated oak work station into a stunning dove grey piece. The bedroom not only has a lot more room now but a very tranquil setting! She has refinished several other pieces of furniture to complete an overall updated look throughout our home.


   Tania’s keen eye for updating convinced us to have her transform our kitchen oak cabinets into an updated look. The entire kitchen looks larger due to the light colored cabinets. Tania is ready to tackle the backsplash and update it with a silver metal transformation that only she could do! And there are no words to describe how amazing our updated fireplace looks! It was an ordinary brick fireplace until Tania used her magic touch and transformed it into a New Orleans grotto look, hand painting each brick. She worked with the existing mantel to ensure it had the surface texture of something that would have been purchased from a lumber yard specifically for the mantel.


   Tania has worked on a variety of surfaces in our home - wood, ceiling, brick, tile, etc. and she pays close attention to detail transforming each item she works with to achieve the necessary result!!


- Judy Byers


We are very fortunate to have her talents proudly displayed in our home.

   We finally made the long overdue decision to update our dining room. This included pulling down my beloved wallpaper. I consider myself to be somewhat creative but absolutely hit a concrete wall trying to come up with something different but yet blend in with the rest of our home. After weeks of antagonizing, I made the best decision ever and called Tania for help!!!

She truly surpassed anything we could have ever imagined. We have high ceilings and the dining room is a focal point for the majority of our home. Within a few minutes, she said we need to paint a mural on the ceiling. An idea that was so creative and ingenious on her part. She blended the walls in a perfect color and reflection to enhance not only the ceiling mural but the rest of our home. The project grew from her initial concept to one that is absolutely amazing and breathe taking for everyone who enters our home. When guests come, they are in awe of the incredibly detailed flow of artistry that is in this room. First time guests stare in awe with their mouth wide open before praising the magnificent work. Tania went on to design just the right wall hangings to capture your attention with curtains to tie it all together. It is a room that everyone wants to be in for awhile to take it all in. When the project was completed and the furniture put back in place, it was evident that our original oak furniture did not suit this outstanding, one of a kind dining room. Tania was quick to know just what was needed. She stained our dining room table, chairs and china cabinet to compliment the warm and inviting ambiance of the room. This saved us a considerable amount of money since we did not have to buy a new dining room suit. The set that we currently had was a perfect fit for the room and Tania was able to utilize her talents and work with the existing set. She was able to turn ideas and thoughts into something truly phenomenal. She understood our tastes from the beginning and worked our love of art and outdoors into the final plan. There is nothing she cannot tackle!!!

We look forward to working with her on other projects with her keen sense of knowing what you want and then surpassing anything you could have ever imagined!


- Rex & Judy


I am so happy with the work she did for me, and so thrilled to find someone that I totally trust.

   I have just one word to describe my experience with Tania Garris - INCREDIBLE!!! Tania and I met when I was going to attempt to do a wall mural by myself, no experience whatsoever, mind you. I was in a Michael's store where she was helping out a friend of hers. She was kind enough to take time out and explain things to me, encourage me to give it a try, and offered whatever she could to set me on my way with my project. As I was leaving she slipped me her card, explaining that she actually does this in her business and if I had any questions to feel free to call her. Two weeks later, I did just that and asked if she could come take a look as I had chickened out on my project, but still wanted it done. We met and poured over ideas together for thoughts I had for two wall murals. One being on the ceiling in my husbands office, and the other a rain forest scene in our bedroom. I really felt Tania listened to me, and yet also let me know if I was off on a color choice or an idea, and we just worked together comfortably.

   I was holding my breath a bit and a bit nervous that I might be setting myself up to spend a fortune on this project. We got back together to look over the sketches she had done, as she wanted to be sure that we were both together on this project. She also explained her fee, and that no matter how much time she may surpass that which was estimated, it would remain a flat rate, not to increase. Her pricing was very fair, and I really felt we were working as a team on this.

   Her work ethic is to be commended. She arrived each day on time, and worked as a professional, at least for as long as I could keep myself and my two boys from bombarding her with peeks, and questions!! She was just an absolute pleasure, and I found I was the one that kept grabbing her hand to take a look at some other room in my house, and what 'we' could do next!!

My murals, as well as the decorative paint I then had her do on the rest of my bedroom walls, just turned out beautiful. We just developed such a great relationship, that I now feel, not only have I found a great artist and a decorator, but a new friend as well.


- Janis Isaacson


Tania Garris is an amazing artist whom I have had the pleasure to work with for many years.

   She found me. I am with an interior merchandising company for builder’s model homes. She saw one of our model homes, with a less than perfect faux treatment in a tray ceiling and she made the call. Tania asked that I meet her in a restaurant where she had been consigned as the artist.


   Her magnificent artistic abilities were applied to recreate a town center and history of the town. I was surrounded by her artistry on all of the walls. It not only displayed her capture of minute details of a scene, but also represented her incredible faux finishing talents. Since that moment we have been working together since 2002. Tania has created an innumerable amount of memory points in so many model homes to the delight of the builders and potential homeowners.


   Amazing faux finishing on walls, ceilings, columns, and fabulous memorable children’s themed rooms. Through the years I have visited many of her private clients homes to see her extraordinary unique finishes that she alone has created. She continues in her pursuit of new and different finishes and mediums in which she can express and create a uniqueness that she can only achieve, not only on walls but on canvas as well. Tania truly loves what she does, she is dedicated to true art and if you “listen to her eloquent detailed words she will capture and entice you ” as she describes what she is going to create for you…. You will be amazed to say the least!


- Suzie Bowman
Design and Marketing Consultant
Model Home Interiors
Charlotte, NC


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