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Speciality Finishes

Tania specializes in faux finishing for residential, commercial, and builder properties, interior and exterior alike. Each environment and individual is unique, and for this reason, Tania and her team of professionals don't do "cookie-cutter." They take great pride and enjoy working with your style, personality, and vision to create distinctive one-of-a-kind faux finishes.

Open communication is the key to providing you with the finish you desire. Tania offers sample boards so that you know what the finishes will look like before the application process begins. You will be given a written proposal describing each project finish in detail and price for each. This allows you to create a "Wish-List" for yourself. Tania can do as much or little as you like at a time -- she works at your creative pace.

Tania is a true artesian who work with a team of artisans that specialize in their individual craft. Since 2001, she has focused on artistry (all mediums), faux finishes (all mediums), and color consultations for all environments. Extended services include interior décor, carpentry, wall paper, electrical, plumbing, etc.

  • Old World plasters, distressed plasters, paints, and glazes.

  • Amber Aging

  • Antiquing

  • Blocking

  • Color washing

  • Combing

  • Double Rolling

  • Dragging

  • Frescos

  • Venetian Plaster

  • Painted Floors

  • Iron Finishes

  • Strie' (dragging)

  • Ragging and Rolling

  • Woodgraining

  • Marble

  • Metallic finishes (leafing , mica stone, paint, and plaster)

  • Parchment

  • Plaster (sculpted and hand carved )

  • Faux: stone, bricks, linen, denim, leather, and suede

  • Striping/pi-striping

  • Harlequin Diamond

  • Argile Patterns

  • Smoked Staining

  • Stenciling

  • Stippling

  • Stucco and Faux Stucco look

  • Tile

  • Texstone Finishes (Large and Small Mica chip finishes.)

  • Wax Finishes

  • Murals, abstracts, and animated paintings

  • Verdigris/Patina

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