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There is an increasing desire for people to express themselves through the beauty of artistry. If you want to achieve your aspirations, whether in your home or office, Charlotte-based Tania Garris wants to help.

With experience ranging from commissioned canvas art to sophisticated faux finishes, Tania's work has been published and syndicated on both a local and national level.

As the artist/faux finisher on the winning team of HGTV's Designer Challenge and featured in The Charlotte Observer as "The Neighbor Know", Tania's passion and dedication have been recognized on a large scale.

Tania specializes in helping her clients complement their home or workplace by punctuating architectural features through the beauty of artistry, adding distinction to one's environment.

I believe that the environments one works, lives and plays in are reflections of who they are, so each of those environments needs to be a "special place".

Allow Tania to give you the gift of making your 'special place' a reality - design is her passion and life's work. Knowing your joy as you are "wowed" by your special place each day is what keeps Tania fulfilled.

featured in:

  • HGTV's Designer Challenge

  • The Charlotte Observer, "The Neighbor to Know"

  • Charlotte Place magazine

  • Better Homes and Gardens

  • Parade of Homes

Contact Tania today to begin elevating your environment, and ultimately your life.

see tania on hgtv

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